Typographic Principle, by Claudio Rocha

Technique, style and technology

The exhibition Typographic Principle, by the artist Claudio Rocha – aka Active Principle –, proposes a celebration of typography as an artistic expression, through one of the main Latin American directors of this branch.
Going through different technical, stylistic and technological possibilities, the show at the exhibition space on Térreo Ateliê of the Casa das Caldeiras brings together a significant series of typographic prints and digital works by the artist, who moves between the universes of Type Design and Letterpress.

The photolymer plates used in the Typographic Primer were produced by Cliart.

Exhibition: Typographic Principle
Artist: Claudio Rocha - Active Principle
Place: Casa das Caldeiras, Av. Francisco Matarazzo, 2000
Opening: May 21st, 5pm, with a talk with the artist at 6pm
Visiting: Thursday to Sunday, from 3pm to 7pm
Parking: options on site (R$50,00) or in front of it, at Allianz Park or Bourbon Shopping (various prices)
Underground: Palmeiras-Barra Funda Station (Red line) 15 minutes away on foot

Executive Coordinator: Leo Ceolin
Curator: Flávio Tonnetti
Exhibition design: Claudio Rocha and Flávio Tonnetti
Editing: Leo Ceolin and Kiko Gomez
Communication: Catarina Schiesari and Ludmila Shukowsky
Achievement: Térreo Ateliê and Associação Cultural Casa das Caldeiras

Supported by: Pintar Materiais Artísticos

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publication: May 20, 2022