Cliart training centre

Cliart training centre

Trainings and events

The commitment to provide trainings with quality to the collaborators exist since the beginning of the company’s activities, in the middle of the decade of 1980; however, along the years, the adopted and used methods to the accomplishment of that responsibility have been updated, improved and increased. All of that was possible thanks to the constant researches accomplished by Ezequiel Fernandez, founder and present executive director, and for his management team.

Even with all of that disposition, some external factors didn’t contributed so much, for example, the increasing traffic problems in São Paulo city, which made more and more difficulty for a great number of people to be able to get out of joint to congresses, chatters and lectures who were far from the company. As the managers' orientation was always for everyone to have the opportunity of participating, some alternative actions have been searched, such as to organize events in places near Cliart and rely on specialist partners in subjects relative to the theme of each event.

With the intensification of activities, the managers took the initiative to build an own auditory, eliminating all of obstacles relative to the personal displacement. The building has been started in 2009 and, still in the first semester of the year 2010, has been already in full working. Since then, Cliart has an own and suitable space, placed in the headquarters of the company, to comply all of its training and events planning. The space count with the whole necessary structure to a great use, like audio-visual equipments, air-conditioning, acoustic isolation and holds, with safety and comfort, the presence all of the team of professionals.

After an extensive and complex work, which involved only its collaborators, the team of directors has structured a project to organize and to realize events to receive customers, suppliers, partners and other people interested in those subjects. In this way, occurred the event named Encounter of graphic professionals, which, as the proper name says, provide an environment in which professionals, specialists and interested people may meeting themselves to treat relevant subjects to the packaging industry, graphic market and, specially, the flexography segment. Those encounters occur, generally, twice a year.

All of those initiatives are directly based on the values professed by the management of the company and show the type of organization to which the managers always search; and they have in mind an effective participation to the flexography development, in Brazil.