Tupigrafia - The 2000-2020 anthology

The English language anthology of the first and only Brazilian magazine on typography, lettering and calligraphy

SINCE 2000 the Brazilian magazine Tupigrafia – created and nurtured by Claudio Rocha and Tony de Marco – has been publishing in Portuguese. In all its 13 issues it has always reflected the state of the typographic and lettering arts in Brazil and worldwide. 'There is no other publication showing such typographic fireworks' wrote Hermann Zapf some years ago, and Robert Bringhurst, in a letter to its creators, defined Tupigrafia as ‘a lesson in how to use the eyes and how to connect them with your hands’. Steven Heller, reviewing the 12th issue for Print Newsletter in March 2020, wrote that it ‘is arguably the best of all the type and typography professional publications’.

SELECTED ARTICLES TO BE TRANSLATED, UPDATED AND REDESIGNED: ‘In 21 years of publication’, says editor Claudio Rocha, ‘Tupigrafia has featured more than 150 articles on typographic history and technology, type design, calligraphy, letterpress and some surprising 'typographic' applications too. Many articles deserved to be included in this anthology, like the ones on visual poetry and the work of people on the graphic and type design scene of the late 20th century and our times. But as there isn't enough room in the present 208 pages, we decided to reserve them for a possible second anthology…’

‘This anthology favours articles reflecting our commitment to visual and type culture’, says editor Tony de Marco. ‘By using the English language and redesigning articles with unpublished additional contents, Claudio and I want to shed light on the powerful yet unexplored Brazilian scene and to deliver its original load of artworks, people and stories to the global design community.’

Tupigrafia. The 2000-2020 anthology: We are offering the colourful and vibrant essence of Tupigrafia: 208 pages printed full colour with a 16-page letterpress inset and hardcover. Delivery to your address before it reaches the bookstores, and at an unrepeatable price too!

Here’s a preview of the 18 topics we've selected for the first English language anthology of Tupigrafia. Check it out and then make your move: a range of rewards is waiting for you.

Cliart has participated in the latest editions of Tupigrafia magazine.

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publication: June 21, 2021