Cliart takes part in virtual meeting, with Senac students.

Instruction and experience

Having knowledge as one of its values, Cliart always seeks to participate in events that involve learning and sharing experiences.

Marcos Palhares, director of the “Prêmio Grandes Cases de Embalagem” (Great Packaging Cases Award) and professor of the graphic production for packaging course, has provided a very productive virtual meeting, when he invited the head of the company to interact with the students, in one of his classes. The aim was to give the 6th semester students a more precise understanding of the market demands and requirements, showing what a designer really needs to know when developing their projects. After a brief presentation of Cliart, the students could interact a lot, with questions and doubts, which were answered, individually, aiming a greater attention.

This course is part of the BA in graphic design, at Senac, and it is coordinated by Nelson Urssi. For further information, go to (available only in Portuguese).

Photo: Senac

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publication: April 8, 2021